news and intentions of Belgium 2011

Marie Luce, pensioner after a career supplements at the school Saint-Pierre-Fourier de Jupille.

Jose, father of 3 children, grandfather of 9 grandchildren. Industrial engineer pensioner and implied in the association of Saint-Vincent de Paul for the three parishes of Jupille.

I am Mi-Jo, pensioner teacher.

Rosalie N'Tumba. 38 years, married and mother of 4 children. I made studies of management of companies. I resumed studies of nurse; I am in third year on a five years course. I currently work like caregiver after. I am president of a ASBL " ReBeCo" (Rebirth and Wellbeing in Congo), ASBL of promotion of the Congolese woman. Associated since 2008.

I am Myriam, wife of Michel, professor pensioner, mom of 3 married children and having happiness to have 7 small children. Happy to belong to the group of the Associates, I find there friendship and source of a life rich in human contacts.

Michel. Today with Myriam, I am engaged in the group of Associated and the spirit so much of Pierre-Fourier than of Alix challenges me for my daily newspaper. Lived of the week from July 2010 in Brussels was one very rich moment in the divisions with the presence of Associated other countries.

Sister Veronique. I currently work as direct of a center which accomodates autistic children, old from 3 to 6 years with an aim of then allowing them to be provided education for. I form part also of a " community house" , kind of life Community where each inhabitant of the building engages with living together solidarity, the mutual aid and the friendship.

Sister Edith. Two questions hold me with heart: the elimination of illiteracy of the made immigrant women there is since little or since longer. Opening to us mutually with our culture, the exchanges are simple and rich. Joy of seeing them progressing in the reading and the comprehension of French. The living conditions in prison medium are alarming. Idleness too. Many foreign prisoners are only. To visit, to bring a little humanity, here are the faces which are transfigured and the invaluable places.

Stephan. Married, two children. Professor of history and data processing at the Institute Notre-Dame de Jupille. Associated since 2004 in order to preserve the bonds with the Congregation and the founders.


Titi Bonnet. Retired, associated since the beginning of association. Educated in the spirit of Alix and Pierre Fourier.

Cecile, mom of three girls and grandmother six times, I was director of the Institute Notre-Dame de Jupille. I am now committed in my parish and the training of the professors of Catholic religion.


Charline, the last but not the least



I will wish to see returning pacification in the Belgian political world and a serenity among persons in charge of our Church of Belgium.

To affirm and make respect our Christian convictions everywhere where that is necessary and useful across the institutional difficulties of the Church.

My wishes it is that our future voyage in Lorraine is with the image of our gathering to the " Good Pasteur" in a very cordial environment and with the listening of the others.

I request for all the people who suffer from loneliness, of social insulation in this current world where the every man for himself precedes.

My prayer joined the wish of all the Belgians to find a comprehension and a balance in our country; on the level of the group of the Associates, of always living being in a dynamic project of construction around what makes the source of the C.N.D.

For the other, the different one, the foreigner, the refugee, often pushed back. We request Lord from you. That our engagement at their side is fraternal and magnet.

That the maxim of Pierre Fourier is our engine: " To harm nobody, to be useful to all."

That solidarity and fraternity link all black, yellow or white humanity and of all convictions.










































































































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