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Alix Le Clerc

Alix, an intuitive personality, a woman of action yet of deep reserve, outstanding in humility, patience and love of others.

In her writings, she bears witness to the many interior struggles, trials and temptations she experienced in the course of her life.

The Holy Spirit was her unfailing guide, helping her to detect the false ideas of the enemy and keep her firmly rooted in hope.

What was it that gave her strength ? It was certainly prayer. She had absolute trust in Christ, with whom she would converse as with a familiar friend.

At the very beginning of her vocation, she had seemed to see a vision which confirmed her faith: Mary giving the infant Jesus into her arms while saying : "Nurture him until he is fully grown." From then on, her union with Christ and her teaching mission blended into one, and she set out boldly on her life's journey.




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