Report of the meeting of the partners of this Sunday, September 23, 2012 to Béatrice to Nethen      



Present: Edith, Véronique, Marie-Anne, Patrick, Marie-Luce and José, Béatrice, Cécile, Anne, Stephane, Myriam and Michel

Absent and excused: Charline, Isabelle, Mijo, Liliane, Jean-Marie, Lionel

It is with joy that we found in Beatrice who welcomed us warmly.

We started our day by singing Laudate omnes gentes (Taizé song) proposed by Beatrice.

Then everyone has read the text prepared following what had been agreed at the last meeting respecting a pause between each reading. Our texts were then placed on the table and everyone has taken the text of one of the other participants, read it and after reading there was a round table where everyone could express what they liked or instead what bothered him in the text.

Then, we tried to identify the thoughts, words, ideas that were in several texts and that the group was particularly attached.

More general remarks were made as:

•  Fear of the word "commitment"

•  Replace the word "associated" with "friend"

•  The words "invent" and "touched" are particularly estimated

•  A reference to the testimony of AL and PF without making abundant quotations

•  A possible historical preamble or rooted in the Gospel and in the founding

•  A mission

•  A very specific prayer

•  We must see if we wrote in "I" or "we"

After a drink and a meal prepared by very friendly Béatrice we started our afternoon by returning to our discussions of the morning trying to identify what we were most marked. This will be our base of individual work for the next meeting: read these texts in the light of what emerged and that each and everyone can express themselves with a new text (why not read every day in a text and let soak and then switch to writing?).

These points are listed below:

•  - Tenderness

•  - Fraternal world

•  - Community

•  - Opening

•  - Chain: the idea of handing over

•  - The message fed PF and AL

•  - Driven by their loyalty

•  - Gospel

•  - More just and united world

•  - Hit

•  - Set off together

•  - Hope

•  - Put together our steps

Beatrice then invited us to express ourselves through the choice of one of these reflections. She has distributed small squares of aluminium and with a hint we did appear on the square in relief depth in the chosen word and decorate a drawing where the creativity of each s' is expressed.

Our meeting ended with a prayer in the oratory where each submitted work, explained. Then to close our meeting we took a psalm and the reading of the Gospel.

Next meeting Saturday, November 17 at 10:30

Chez Marie-Anne Delsaux

430 Chaussée de Namur in 5310 Waret la Chaussée (081-51 27 06-0478 46 13 59)


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