Prière des associés français.

Décembre 2010 - Janvier 2011


Listen, Heaven! Earth, give ear! It' is the Lord who speaks: I did grow up sons, them they have rebelled against me (Is1)

We thank you for all donations received from you, so that we witness to your Love for all women and all people living on our land!

•  Lord Jesus, who became one of us, makes us stand in solidarity of all man that cold, unemployment reached in life.

•  Tear down the barriers of the hatred which separate us from each other

•  Teach us to welcome the stranger, to understand it, that he finds in us the strength to get up in exile

•  Supports the patients an the caregivers, especially those suffering from AIDS, cholera and all epidemics in the various continents

Virgin of the Incarnation and Peace

Bring in your mother's heart

T he Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame

His friends and associates .

We put ourselves under your protection

Lead us to the Father






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