Group decisions

How to prolong together the feeling of common membership which was woven with the wire of the meeting?

How to maintain the quality of the bonds and the communion through the geographical kilometres which separate us?

At the end of the session, the participants agreed for:

•  Each group puts at the day order 1° meeting: a correspondent for the site

•  In turn and in a rate of every two months, each country is committed sending news of the country and intentions of prayer to the others associated. This document will be shown on the site. The intentions of prayer are taken again and carried by the whole of associated during the two months. One suggests finishing this moment of prayer by the prayer of Alix:

“Give me the Lord God who you would be in me and me of you and who thus assembled, we can always remain together.”

Turn of sending:

If possible, the sending's should be written in French, English and Portuguese.

•  A sponsorship within the countries and in each group to remain attentive with the isolated associates

•  An international meeting in 3 years: Hungary and the Cap Verde propose to organize it.


Véronique -M&M Lebbe



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